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I thought this was good.  I think it had its genesis at Fly Lady.

The question?  Does this bless my home?

I’m really trying to clean out as many cupboards and closets as I can this summer.  I’m using Fly Lady’s suggestion of 15 minutes/day (and it’s surprising how often I am encouraged to go a bit longer, just because I made myself start with that shorter commitment.)

My husband is good at encouraging me to “get rid of it” (at least if it’s my item in question), but sometimes two heads are not better than one.  I’ve been pecking away at my laundry room.  This is the room in our house, when in question, you’ll hear…”Just put it in the laundry room for now.”  [Unless it’s for a college student’s apartment or brought home during the summer from college, then it goes into the “college room”…which is a post for another day.]

Well, I had amassed a small corner of items that we’d stored for years and years and had not used in years and years.  I was so proud that I had overcome all the practical reasons for keeping the items.  I wanted advice though from my husband on how best to get rid of them.  However as I went through each item, telling him what my first intentions for the piece had been, somewhere in the middle of my descriptions of how it would have made our lives better, I convinced my husband.  Then it was Dana telling me I’d better not get rid of that, and it doesn’t take too much space, and “let’s see if we can get x-part for it or have it repaired…”  As you’ve probably guessed, nothing has been thrown or given away yet.

The solution may be to just go on my instincts and not discuss it with Dana until it’s too late to go back, but I have a seed of uncertainty that was planted a few years ago.  It is really one of the few dark Fly Lady moments I have had.  It may have been during a “27 Fling Boogie” which is really just a call to get a big garbage bag and quickly go through your home and throw away 27 items (don’t ask me why 27 is the magic number).  I think we all have 27 items in our homes at any given time that could be thrown–old magazines and shoes, mugs, flyers, mail, gifted resin figurines from the dollar store…

However, that unfortunate, dark day I got caught up in my zeal.  I threw away my silk flower wedding bouquet which I had used to decorate a cabinet.  It had gained a dust layer and so in my fervor, I tossed it in my bag and let it go to the dumpster.  A couple days later the garbage men came and took it away and a few days after that I heard of a product to clean silk flowers.  I am still sorry when I think of it and it has been probably ten years since.

I wish I had had this list of questions before me that day.  Not only is this a great list for helping to discern those items that really are not dear to us and should probably be discarded, but on that fateful day, it probably would have helped me realize my wedding flowers were not in the same place in my heart as the resin figurine.  Here’s the list of questions for responsible “flinging.”

Do I love it?

Do I use it?

Does it make me smile?

Does it have a home?

Do I have another one like it?

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