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I am heart-broken today…


I am heart-broken for the unborn who silently plead for rescue from their mothers;


I am heart-broken for the financial weight my children and grandchildren will bear in taxes (direct and indirect) and the resulting decrease in funds they will have to meet their needs and pursue their happiness;


I am heart-broken for America as she trades her character of overcoming and horizons for a character of jealousy, covetousness and victim-hood;


I am heart-broken for our grandchildren and the messed-up concepts of family and marriage that we’ve dealt them;


I am heart-broken for myself and our aging parents as our healthcare will NEVER compare to what past generations have expected and appreciated (where will my Canadian friend and his family go now?);


I am heart-broken for the loss of freedom in our country as conscience and conviction of principles are denied expression and legal protections;


I am especially heart-broken because I fear America is under judgment (and why in the world not?) as God removes his protections from us, giving us over to our reprobate minds.  Yet much of the American church is busy about building their “mega” empires and is opting for a palatable, feel-good, ego-centric gospel instead of sackcloth and ashes.

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