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winding path
At a staff meeting at my school last winter, we were
encouraged to write a personal mission statement.  I’m not really wired that way… to make a life statement.  I can’t even commit a single creative stroke to a blank sheet of paper, how could I be expected to commit on paper to the mission of my life, all within a 20 minute time frame?  The expectation, however, was that each would give it a try and be willing to share our results in the end-yikes.  Under pressure, then, I began the suggested process, which went as follows:

(1)  First, we were asked to list some personal characteristics that we felt good about (these should be nouns).

Examples included (these are not from my lists): computer expertise, energy, charm, physical strength, enthusiasm, good looks, sense of humor, wit, artistic abilities, mechanical genius, sales ability, creativity, people skills, happiness, patience, athletic abilities, imagination, up-beat, etc.

 (2) Next, we were to list ways we have successfully interacted with people (these are to be verbs).

Examples included: teach, study, manage, produce, lead, motivate, educate, love, plan, encourage, help, act, stimulate, inspire, sell, direct, command, lead, sing, etc.

(3) Visualize what your perfect world looks like.  What are the people doing and saying?  Write a description of this
perfect world.

“My perfect world is a place where…”

(4) Combine two of your nouns, two of your verbs and your definition of your perfect world. 

Example: My life purpose is to use my energy and my people skills to teach and motivate people to know their destinations and enjoy their life journeys. 

I didn’t follow the guidelines to a tee, but the structure did help me overcome my reticence.  What developed was put together hastily that late afternoon, but even after time has passed and some tweaking, I think what came together is pretty near what I’d like to pursue the rest of my days.

 My life purpose is to live a quiet and constructive life, honoring Yahweh and exhorting others to know and love Him better through his Word.

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